GPS Vehicle Tracking &
Fleet Management Solutions

Reduce costs. Increase profits. Optimize your fleet.
Now you can manage your fleet anytime and anywhere by logging into our Fleet managent System on your Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.
Keeping tabs on your vehicles has been easier. The Fleet Management System will help you increase profits and lowering your operating costs.
Increase Profitability and Save Money
The Fleet Management System allow Fleet Manager to easly locate each vehicle. This allow you to dispatch the closest driver to a jobsite for faster response times to your customers service need. You can also analizy the route therefor can reduce driving time and help to utilize your fleet.
Grow Revenue & Improve Driver Behivior
With Fleet Management System, you can track your drivers habits and improve their skills to minimize unwanted actions like idling, harsh breaking, harsh turning and speeding.
Reduce Fuel Cost
Reduce Fuels costs, Mileage & Drive Time
Dispatch drivers closest to a job site can allow you to reduce fuel costs, optimize routes, decrease drive time and go green. By reducing miliage and fuel usage, you not only save money but you can also downsize your carbon footprint.
Generate Better Customer Service
Locate your Vehicles & Improve Customer Service
With Fleet Management System, you can manage your resources more effectively by tracking the exact position of your vehicles in real-time. This allow you to respond to your customers more quickly and provide them with accurate arrival times. with this kind of increased efficiency, you could be in a position to add more jobs for your bussiness.
Improve Your Security Controls
Improve Your Security Controls
Eliminate anauthorized use and respond to a theft immediately upon receiving an alert if your your vehicles leaves a preset area with Immobilezing function.
Eazy Access to our System
Manage From Your Mobile Devices
Throught your smartphone or tablet, you can easily track your vehicle location. We provide Mobile Web System, which helps you to know where vehicles are or where your drivers are in the fastest way possible.