GPS Vehicle Tracking &
Fleet Management Solutions

Real-Time Tracking
User can see their vehicle position and route in real-time either using a web browser or mobile web browser.
Web Based Aplication
With reliable Web Based Aplication, Allow user to access the Tracking System anytime, anywhere as long as they can connect to the internet.
Playback History
Through web-based user interface, user could load and replay history of vehicle track. This system enable user to see and analize the position and route taken by the vehicle.
Immobilizer System
If the vehicle is misused, user can prevent vehicle from running remotely through SMS or Website.
Real-Time Tracking
Safety / Polygon Zone
Safety/Polygon is imaginary boundary of certain location set by user. Automatically report when and where the vehicle leave or enter any geofance area.
Digital Input / Output for sensors
In additional to position, speed and direction information, our system can also report status of any sensor connected to the tracking device in vehicle, such as door open/close, temperature sensor, fuel sensor, etc.
Safety/Polygon Zone
Maintenance Schedule
We help user to track maintenance record and automatically calculate next maintenance time based on the vehicle mileage and time period.
Provide variety report, such as
Detail Activity
Enggine on/off
Safety/Poligon Zone
Speed Limit
Enggine Idle
Statistic Report